PM praises leading position of GCC countries


Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik has praised the leading and firm position of countries of Gulf Cooperation Council in supporting Yemen and its people and supporting efforts of the government to deal with current developments in the light of recent changes in different domains.

In his meeting with the Secretary General of GCC Gasem al-Bedaiwi on Tuesday on the sidelines of participation in the World Government Summit, Prime Minister confirmed re-organizing joint cooperation file in accordance with urgent priorities and relocating Yemen’s file into its real position on regional and international level.

He stressed significance of reactivating activities of joint committees, pointing out to lates developments regarding political, military, security, economic and service domains, as well as challenges facing the government and plans in dealing with them.
He confirmed the admirable role by the brothers in GCC countries in supporting government’s efforts.

For his part, the Secretary General of the GCC expressed his appreciation to the government’s efforts for facing current exceptional challenges in all fields, confirming keenness on enhancing cooperation between the council and the government in coordination with member countries.