Prime Minister: Efforts to renew truce blocked by Houthis’ intransigence, partial solutions don’t produce peace

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik has asserted that the efforts to renew the UN- brokered humanitarian truce have been blocked d with the Houthis’ intransigence since last October and the Houthi terrorist attacks on oil facilities have seriously complicated the situation, risking resurrecting the escalation once again.

In a television interview with Al-Hurra TV, the Prime Minister stressed that it is very important to have the necessary guarantees in order to renew the truce to ensure that the Houthi militias will not exploit the situations to return to violence.

He restated that any illogical and unrealistic solutions may further worsening the crisis and partial solutions cannot bring Yemen the needed sustainable solutions and peace.

The Prime Minister rebutted the Terrorist Houthi militia’s outrageous claims about the humanitarian issues, including the opening of roads and flights.

He accused the militias of being intransigent about opening the roads and paying salaries.

He squarely put blame on the militias for preventing the employees from their salaries in the militia-controlled regions. He said “The government embarked on paying salaries in 2019 and made good progress, 60 percent of the state’s employees were paid. We paid the entire health sector throughout the Republic, all the Yemeni people should know this fact”.