Ministry of Industry decries Houthi militias for getting the Yemenis starving

Ministry of Industry and Trade has denounced with the strongest words Iran-backed Houthi militias for deliberately planning to get the besieged population of the city of Taiz and other militias-controlled regions starving.

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) the Ministry said” We have been following with deep concern the suffering of the citizens in the Houthis-controlled regions due to the militias” illegal and immoral policy which has further exacerbated the fellows’ humanitarian misery”.

The Ministry added” The Terrorist Houthi militias have further tightened its blockade upon the city of Taiz by denying the trucks which laden with food stuffs access to the besieged city. The militiamen have been impounding 180 trucks loaded wheat flour for nearly one month in the region of Arrahida, the southern entrance of Taiz governorate.

The militiamen have established a checkpoint there, imposing illegal levies, exercising blackmailing against the traders, raising food prices”.

The Ministry came to say ” Preventing the trucks laden with foods stuffs from delivering the foods to the militia-controlled regions is a war-crime against the humanity that should require the international community to intervene, mount pressures upon the militias to stop weaponizing the food against the Yemeni peoples”.