President al-Alimi: Houthi militias’ war brought Yemen several decades back

His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, said the war triggered by Iranian regime -allied Houthi militias has turned the priorities of the development in Yemen upside down, caused eliminating the relatively economic gains and brought the country several decades back.

In his contribution to the deliberations of the Sustainable Development Summit today, Monday, on the sideline of the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York His Excellency called for more pressure upon the militias to stop politicizing the humanitarian files, stressing that is ” as important as the relief aid itself”.

He said” I’m pleased to share with you your high-profile dialogue about the Sustainable Development agenda which the Republic of Yemen lags behind, unable to fulfill its obligations as a result of the circumstances of the war and the deep humanitarian crisis which the Houthi militias have continued to exacerbate it for the nine successive year with support by the Iranian regime”

He added” The war has turned up down the priorities in my country, some developmental agendas which were necessary within normal situations are put aside to give the priority to basic needs including food, medicines, water and electricity, have become, particularly in light of the cessation of the oil exports for one complete year due to the terrorist attacks of the Houthi militias on the oil export harbors and international marine shipping lines”.

President al-Alimi noted that preparations are underway to carry out a national vaccination campaign in the temporary capital Aden and the government-held governorates, medical teams ” meanwhile the Houthi militias have continued to ban the entry of the live-saving vaccines to the militias-controlled regions, as a result lethal pandemics resurrect even though Yemen announced that it is free from such endemics two decades ago”.

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council touched upon the repercussions of the Houthi militias triggered war, citing its catastrophic consequences in the different developmental, humanitarian and services fields saying” Recently millions of the Yemeni pupils have returned to the schools amid an extremely tough circumstances with the collapse of the necessary governmental protection network to improve the situation of the education sector where large number of the girls and boys are dropping out of schooling, going to the streets in search for work amid the missed of the livelihood resources which have been basically scarce”.

President al-Alimi continued to day” The warmongers who triggered this war is risking Yemen’s present and future, after they had eliminated the relatively economic attainments which were achieved over the past decades, besides the deep wounds they caused in the social fabric of the Yemeni society and the state’s institutional structures, accordingly, bringing the country decades back”.