Bin Mubarak: Food insecurity in Yemen is caused by the Houthi militia war

New York – Saba
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak, confirmed that food insecurity in Yemen is the result of the war launched by the terrorist Houthi militia against the Yemeni people for nearly nine years, indicating that understanding the causes of this crisis and the deterioration of basic services in Yemen is an essential element in finding a solution.

In a speech at the foreign ministers meeting at the high-level week of the UN held in New York, that the inability of people to bear the costs and burdens of living and the Houthi militia’s military encirclement of cities, especially the city of Taiz, where more than four million people live, and the Houthi use of starvation weapon, have all greatly exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the country.

He pointed to the depletion of the government’s ability to withstand due to the contraction of the national economy by half, pointing out that with the continuation of Houthi terrorist attacks on oil facilities and ports, the country has lost about a billion dollars since the middle of last year that was allocated to improving public services and paying employee salaries.

The Minister noted that the fragile situation in Yemen is affected by any challenges facing global import and trade chains as a result of geopolitical tensions in the world, reiterating the importance of taking into account countries that suffer from food insecurity and treating them as a priority in the global market to avoid famine and catastrophe with undesirable consequences.