Leadership Council Chairman praises Yemeni expatriates’ role in combating Imamite ideology, alleviating suffering

New York – Saba
Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Muhammad Al-Alimi, praised of the Yemenis abroad including in the United States for playing a role in alleviating the suffering of their countrymen at home, championing their cause to restore state institutions, and end the coup of the Iran-aligned Houthi militia.

In a meeting in New York with the leaders of the Yemeni community in the United States, President Al-Alimi said, “Expatriate remittances contribute to feeding millions of residents at home, with the collapse of the government protection network and the worsening humanitarian crisis, especially in light of the cessation of oil exports for a whole year as a result of the Houthi terrorist attacks.”

The President encouraged the members of the community to engage in the battle of awareness-raising, and to dismantle the backward thinking that wants to return Yemen to the eras of slavery, and exclusion and marginalization of the living actors in the society.

He added, “This is a purely national battle, not against a specific group, but rather against the ideology of chosen people, guardianship, and Wilaya and (the battle is) on the side of state of equal citizenship that guarantees all Yemenis broad participation in building and rebuilding their homeland.”

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council updated the community’s members on the developments on the Yemeni scene and the economic, service and institutional reforms led by the Council and the government from the temporary capital, Aden.

He also informed the members of the community on developments related to the peace process, the good efforts of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman, and the hopes placed on them to push the Houthi militias towards submitting to the popular will and giving priority to the interests of the Yemenis over the interests of their Iranian leaders and supporters.

The President spoke about evidence of explicit collusion between the Houthis and other terrorist organizations, and the governmental measures to share many pieces of evidence in this context with the international community and major powers in the Security Council.

The Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council listened to members of the Yemeni community as they presented initiatives, inquiries, and opinions on the Council’s work and the government, and ways to improve institutional performance and unify the ranks of national forces around the goal of restoring state institutions, peace or war, and ensuring the participation of all Yemenis in creating the future they deserve.