Government renews support to Yemeni Airline increase flights from Sana’a

The Government of Yemen has renewed support to efforts of the Yemeni Airline Company to increase its airflights from Sana’a Airport to Amman and interacts with all efforts of increasing flights from Sana’a Airport to additional destinations.

The government is keen on ending suffering of Yemeni people in areas under Houthi militia’s control, said a release issued by the government on Monday.

” To implement this initiative and ensuring its continuation for serving our people, demands of the Yemeni Airline Company must be implemented starting with releasing its bank accounts and stopping interferences in its work,” said the government.

The release added that Houthi militia is still seizing incomes of flights from and into Sana’a Airport and bans the company use those incomes to buy fuel and providing necessary maintenance to ensure safety of the jets.