Yemen renews solidarity with Palestinian People, rejects occupation’s crimes

The Republic of Yemen has renewed solidarity with the Palestinian People in facing aggression of Israeli occupation’s aggression on Gaza Strip, killing and injuring thousands of civilians among them children and women and destroying infrastructure and houses on their inhabitants.

Imposing unjust and immoral siege on Gaza contradicts International Law and Principles of the Humanitarian Law, said Yemen’s Permanent Representative in the UN while participating of the Emergency Meeting of Non-Aligned Countries Movement and the Group of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on discussing situations in Gaza Strip.

Banning water, electricity, food and fuel on people of Gaza is considered a war crime and a crime against humanity, the most recent crime against humanity has been shelling of the Baptized Hospital, which killed and injured hundreds of innocent people, he added.

He called upon the international community, the Security Council, the International Organizations and international conscience to bring victory to the humanity and rights of the Palestinian people, the Chart of the United Nations and Principles of the Humanitarian Law and denounce these crimes and stop double-standard dealing.

We call for providing protection to the civilians and imminent stop of shelling and fires and allow humanitarian assistances enter Gaza as soon as possible, he said, adding that Yemen rejects any forcible displacing to the Palestinian people from Gaza Strip as this is labeled as a blatant violation to the International Law and the Article 49 of Geneva Four Accord.

Ambassador al-Sa’adi warned of catastrophic humanitarian repercussions of continuous escalation, which will lead only to more violence and converse violence.