FM participates in Arab-Russian Cooperation Forum

Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs Ahmad BinMubarak participated Wednesday in the Sixth Session of the Arab- Russian Cooperation Forum is being held here with participation of foreign ministers of member states in the Arab League and Russian Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov.

BinMubarak praised the joint Arab-Russian work, which is a culmination to initiatives of the political leaderships of the two parties and a result of decades of cooperation based on trust, mutual respect and joint work.

In his speech, BinMubarak reviewed the latest developments in Yemen, confirming the position of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government for all regional and international efforts, as well as efforts of the UN Envoy for Yemen and efforts of Saudi Arabia and Oman for renewing the truce, ending the conflict and realize inclusive and sustainable peace on the bases of the three internationally agreed upon references; the GCC Initiative, the Outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and Security Council Resolution 2216.

He expressed Yemeni government’s denunciation towards Israeli Occupation’s aggression against the Palestinian People in Gaza Strip, confirming the right of the Palestinian People in defending themselves and self-determination and achieve their independent state.