President al-Alimi confirms that restoring the state’s institutions is the ideal way to boost maritime, regional and international security

His Excellency (HE) President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) reiterated today, Saturday, the call for supporting the Yemeni government and enabling it to restore the state’s institutions, as this is the ideal way to boost the regional and international security and stability, and to put an end of the attacks of the Houthis militias and the terrorist organizations on the global shipping lanes and trade.

HE said during a meeting with the reporters of the international media and news agencies ” We repeatedly said the best way to secure the entire Yemeni lands can only be realized by sustaining the capacities of the internationally recognized Yemeni government, enabling it to restore the state’s institutions and the seaports cities, which have been nowadays turned into launching- pads to threaten the maritime, regional and international security.

HE renewed the welcoming of the PLC and the Government any international endeavor to help eliminating the terrorist organizations, on top of all is the Houthi militias, which is designated by the Yemeni government and the GCC’s member states a ” Terrorist Organization”, likewise the two organizations of al-Qaeda and ISIS. In this context, he applauded the American administration designation the Iran’s militias in Yemen as a ” Global Terrorist Organization”.

In this regard, HE made it clear that any actual international effort to help eliminating these organizations has always been welcome by the successive Yemeni governments.

The Chairman of the PLC noted that any support for the Palestinian cause is by unifying the Arab stance and ending the wars in the region and not to further get in disagreements and division, in a reference to the claims of the Houthi militias that their terrorist attacks on the international shipping lanes and commercial ships come to demonstrate their alleged solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The President noted that the PLC’s and government’s stance has always been in support of the Palestinian cause and people, denouncing the grave Israeli violations in the occupied territories, saying” the Palestinians today are in dire need for live-saving aids and an united and effective diplomatic action more than anything else to contain the Israeli scheme to eliminate the Palestinian cause and displace the Palestinian people”.

HE confirmed that the Houthis’ terrorist attacks in the Red Sea has badly impacted the freedom of maritime navigation and the peoples of the region, above all, it has further worsened the Yemeni people’s suffering who are depending upon 90 percent of the imported commodities to survive.

He explained that it is the Houthis militias that brought all these warships and fleets to the Yemeni waters by their terrorist attacks which are an extension of their coup d’état against the national consensus.

The Chairman of the PLC briefed the reporters of the media and news agencies on the latest developments about the political and economic situations as well as the course of the peace process and its complexities amid the recent developments, recalling the government’s proposals that aimed to put an end of the humanitarian suffering due to the war-triggered by the terrorist Houthi militias.

He noted that Iran ultimately has not been agreed—as it seems to be- to get its arm in Yemen neutralized” As the cease-fire-specifically—it will mean the cessation of its all combat actions in the land, sea and air”.

He said” We’re ready for peace, to this end we offered significant concessions in order to put an end of the Yemeni people’s suffering… As peace, indeed, is a Yemeni, regional and international interest, so world’s efforts must joined together for this goal”.

HE noted that Iran does not want peace whether in Yemen or elsewhere, therefore, what the Houthis are doing in the Red Sea of the terrorist actions against the commercial ships is providing a favor for the Iranian expansion in the region.

President al-Alim touched upon the developments of the situations in Yemen and the region, noting that it is very important to correct the narratives relating to these developments and their backgrounds in order to know what happens in Yemen and get the information from the reliable sources.

HE pointed out to the repeated attempts to bring the Houthis to the peace proposals starting from Geneva, Bern, Kuwait, Dhahran al-Janoub, reaching to the recent proposed Road Map, all those endeavors were attempts to impose the peace.

About the developments in the Red Sea President al-Alim said” This is not a new action, we have frequently warned since early time that Iran is planning to take control over the Red Sea. We made this clear in our speeches at the UN General Assembly Sessions, in which we warned the world of the lethal risk of the continuation of the Iran-backed militias’ control over the regions overlooking the Red Sea.

He stated that defense operations aren’t a solution, but the solution is to eliminate the Houthis’ military capacities and establishing partnership with the Yemeni government to take control over these regions, restore the state’s institutions, this is the only single guarantor of the security and stability not only for Yemen but for the entire region.

He stressed that it is very import to create an international and regional institutional framework to protect the Red Sea.

HE added ” There was an Iranian scheme since an early time to take control over the Red Sea, what we have done to engage the Houthis in the government or to be part of the political constituencies were destroyed by the Iranians by all this action which carried out by the Houthi militias”.

The President called on the international community to enforce the resolution of the International Security Council No 2216, given that it is set to bring the Houthis to the negotiation table. He expressed his confidence that the Yemeni cause will not be affected by other causes in the world because it is a fair cause.

HE recalled the early beginnings of the creation of the Houthi militias which did not start in 2004 or 2014 as some different narratives said in several media outlets, it rather commenced as early as the 1980s of the past century, after the return of al-Khomeini in 1979 to Iran, when the Iranian politics started to expand through establishing cells affiliate to the Iranian regime in Yemen coinciding the creation of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

HE indicated that the cells which created by Iran were not given specific name at that time, just there was a cell trained in Iran and it started to carry out terrorist acts in Sana’a in 1984, it attacked ‘Bilqis Cinema’ with grenades, killing the guard and injuring to civilians.

They also attacked the embassies and diplomatic missions, using scorching materials against women.

He affirmed that some of the operatives were arrested and prosecuted, meanwhile others of the cell’s leader escaped to Iran including Badr al-Din al-Houth, the father of the terrorist Houthi militias leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi and Abdussalam Falaitah, the father of the spokesperson of the terrorist militias .

He touched upon the following successive developments which ended up with the militias’ coup d’état against the national consensus and triggering the war which has been continuing since 10 years.