Yemen’s Ambassador in Jordan receives UNHCR’s representative

Yemen’s Ambassador to Jordan Dr. Jalal Faqirah met Monday with the newly appointed Representative of UN High Commission for Refugees in Yemen Cajdo Makkaj.

Faqirah congratulated Makkaj for appointing him representative for the organization in Yemen, hoping him success in his future tasks. He expressed aspirations for seeing remarkable solutions to the problems of displacement and refuge under the exceptional conditions Yemen goes through currently and the humanitarian crisis over Houthi terrorist militia’s triggered war.

He stressed importance of taking care of Yemeni people in the displacement places, hoping more coordination with the organization for supporting efforts of the government to achieve remarkable results to improve conditions of the displaced people and refugees.

He uttered government’s readiness to provide facilitations and easing difficulties facing the organization in Yemen.

For his part, the UNHCR’s representative explained the organization’s activities and assistances it provides to displaced persons and supporting infrastructure of refuge places.

He confirmed the organization’s keenness on finding solutions to the problems of Yemeni displaced people.