Ambassador Turaik receives Head of Yemeni-Turkish Friendship Committee

Yemen’s Ambassador to Turkey Mohammad Turaik discussed Thursday with the head of Yemeni-Turkish Friendship Committee in Turkish Parliament Noureddin Alan mutual and historical relations between the two brotherly countries and latest developments in Yemen.

Ambassador Turaik briefed the Turkish official on the latest military escalation in Red Sea, clarifying that Houthi terrorist militia is the prime cause behind this escalation.

He confirmed that the government of Yemen is the owner of the sovereignty of the territories of the Republic of Yemen and its regional waters.

He stressed importance of the international community’s political, economic and military support to the government of Yemen, as well as providing it with necessarily needs to build and enhance capabilities of the National Army and Coast Guard Forces to tighten security of international navigation’s waterways and end the threat posed by the militia on international navigation.
He confirmed keenness of the government of Yemen in continuing efforts to realize peace and support efforts of the UN envoy for Yemen and all other efforts to achieve inclusive and sustainable peace in accordance with the references of the political solution.

He pointed out to importance of designating Houthi militia a terrorist group by the international community and to depend on the internationally-recognized government-as reliable partner- to secure international navigation.

Ambassador Turaik renewed rejection of the government of Yemen to any terrorist and piracy act and renewed its denunciation to all violent acts committed by Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people.

He confirmed Yemen’s firm and supportive position to the Palestinian issue.

For his part, the Head of Yemeni-Turkish Committee commended relations linking the two countries for old decades, confirming that enhancing and improving parliamentarian relations between the two countries will be reflected positively on all cooperation domains.

He renewed his country’s firm position in supporting the internationally-recognized government and its efforts towards achieving peace across Yemen.

He also confirmed his country’s support to everything protecting Yemen’s unity, security and stability.