President al-Alimi convenes a meeting with military commanders in Marib governorate

His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC)—Commander-in- Chief—along with the PLC’s members Sultan al-Aradah, Othman Mujalli and Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi convened a plenary military meeting included General Chief of Staff (Lt Gen) Sagheer bin Aziz and senior military commanders and security officials in Marib governorate.

The General Chief of Staff provided a report about the armed forces’ position and the progress realized in training and combat preparedness at strategic and tactical levels.

The heads of military authorities and regions also reported about the achievements in terms of the training, logistic sustaining, human forces and military specializations.

The President highly commended high well-organized and combat preparedness of the armed and security forces, greatly valued the huge sacrifices of the troops and national resistances fighters over the previous years in different battlefields against Iran-backed Terrorist Houthi militiamen.

He said” These troops which have fought heroic national battles to defend the republic regime and the state over the past years are the safety valve of the country and their great sacrifices will produce victory”.

The President added” Marib is the hope today as it was the hope at the beginning when it opposed and resisted the Iran backed Houthi Imamate proposal”.

The Chairman of the PLC commended the great progress made by the Ministry of Defense and the General Chief of Staff in upgrading the combat skills and capacities of the armed forces personnel, urging doubling down efforts to develop all military units and troops.

He said ” Houthi militias have repeatedly proved that it isn’t an earnest partner to make peace, they are just talking about peace as a maneuver and hoax to prepare for a new war so it is very necessary to work hard and get prepared to impose the desirable peace”.

The President praised the great efforts of the security forces in Marib governorate to establish security, stability, fight terrorism and thwart recurrent endeavors of the terrorist Houthi militias to destabilize the governorate and break-up the internal front .