Presidential Leadership Council briefed on gov’t’s outline program for upcoming period

Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) held a meeting today, Sunday, presided over by His Excellency President Dr. Rashad al-Alimi, Chairman of the Council, with the presence of the PLC’s members Aidarous al-Zubaid, Abdul Rahman al-Mahrami, Othman Mujalli and Sultan al-Aradah, Dr. Abdullah al-Alim and Faraj al-Bahsani contributed the discussions via video conference.

The Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak provided a brief presentation about the indicators of the public finance, the national economy and the government’s performance over the previous period.

The indicators illustrated the current economic situation, prospects to further enhance the monetary and financial stability, improve the government’s ability to access its public resources, upgrade the efficiency of the revenues collection instruments at both national and local levels.

The Prime Minister also presented a general outline of the government’s action-plan and its top priorities and the required support by the PLC in different tracks.

The general framework incorporated the government’s plans designed to fight corruption, rationalize spending, better utilize the external assistances and grants, improve the revenues and reset the relationship with local authorities and the donors community.

The PLC commended the government’s efforts to reduce the deficit in the state’ general budget and to continue to deliver on its obligations and go on the comprehensive reforms backed by regional and international communities.

In this context, the PLC also praised the substantial support by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to the national economy and the basic services that has been helpful to deal with the huge financing pressures imposed by the terrorist attacks of Iran-backed Houthi militias on the oil facilities and international shipping lanes.

The PLC has confirmed that it is very keen to support the government’s efforts and enable it exercising its full mandates to alleviate the humanitarian suffering and achieve the Yemeni people’s aspirations to restore the state’s institutions, re-establish security, stability and peace.

On another development, the PLC welcomed the decision of the UN’s General Assembly that approved with vast majority the qualification of the state of Palestine to the full membership of the international organization.

The meeting reiterated the commitment of the PLC and the government to the Yemeni steadfast support for the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights, on top of all the resistance against the Israeli occupation and establish its own independent national state with its full sovereignty.