Amb. al-Sunaini praises Japanese support for Yemeni people

Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to Tokyo, Japan, Adel al-Sunaini greatly valued Japanese government’s commitment to support the Yemeni people and its internationally recognized political leadership’s efforts to achieve the Yemenis’ aspirations to restore the state’s institutions.

” Assisting the Yemeni government to restore the state’s institutions is set to revive the hope of re-establishing peace”, he said.
He made his comment during the Yemeni-Japanese discussions held today, Wednesday, at the premises of the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

The conversations held between the Yemeni delegation that is participating in the Program of Capacity-building, Reconstruction and Planning and Deputy General Director of the International Cooperation Department and the Economic Affairs Bureau Hidiki Kosakabi.

Al-Sunaini provided a brief presentation about the challenges the Yemeni government has been facing, highlighting the need for Japan’s support for the government’s plans and efforts, particularly in the domains of capacity building and reconstruction.

For his part, Under-Secretary of Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation Omer Abdulaziz, cited the economic and developmental challenges Yemen has been struggling with, underlining aspects of Yemeni-Japanese cooperation in training.

“Yemen’s participation in this training course is very important as the Yemeni participants will be introduced to the Japanese experiments in planning, capacity building and reconstruction”, said Abdulaziz.