Houthi attack on Saudi facilities confirms determination to continue war, says gov’t

Yemen’s government said the latest Houthi attacks on installations including oil facilities in Saudi Arabia confirms the determination of the Iran-backed militia to continue its war.

In a statement, the Yemeni foreign ministry said the attacks “confirm the lack of the [militia’s] interest in peace and [confirms] the determination to continue the war , undermine the security of the region and threaten the global fuel supplies.”

The ministry affirmed Yemen’s solidarity “as a government and people with the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] to counter these terrorist attacks” and Yemen’s support to all measures that Saudi Arabia takes to protect its lands and preserve its security and stability.”

The statement said the militia “continue these terrorist acts and undermine the security of the region without any international deterrence to them” calling on the international community to “assume its responsibility in putting an end to the irresponsible acts” of this militia.

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