Yemen Government welcomes the KSA’s proposition

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has welcomed the proposal suggested by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia about a comprehensive cease-fire, open Sana’a airport for some destinations, go on implementing Stockholm Agreement in full and allow commercial ships entry as long as they will comply with the International Security Council, the revenues will be deposited in the Central Bank of Yemen to pay the civil service servants based on 2014 payroll lists, and support reviving political consultations.

In a statement learned by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) the Ministry said” We reinstate that Houthi militia has turned down all previous calls and kept on delaying, prolonging the humanitarian crisis by refusing to open Sana’a airport, looting relief aids and Hodeidah seaport’s incomes supposed to be paid for the government’s employees”.

The Ministry added ” The government is fully aware that putting an end of the Yemeni peoples’ suffering can be realized only by eliminating the coup and ending the war triggered by Houthi militia. Thereby, the government will continue to support all efforts aiming to achieve peace that ensures ending the coup, restore the state and refuse the Iranian destructive scheme in Yemen, the peace that is based on the three terms of reference above all the International Security Council resolution 2216″.

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