Arab coalition spokesman reveals names of the involved in “Rawabi” piracy

Riyadh – Saba
The official spokesman for the Arab Coalition Brigadier General Turki Al-Maliki, said, “The Houthi militia’s targeting of the “Rawabi” ship is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and the laws related to the sea.”

During a press conference held in Riyadh today, with the participation of the Director of the Civil Military Operations Department, Major General Pilot Abdullah Al-Hababi, Al-Maliki said that the “Rawabi” ship is a marine transport company that transports equipment for the military field hospital in Socotra Governorate, noting that the coalition forces in the governorate conducts humanitarian operations by providing health care and medical services, building roads and assisting in some cyclone cases on the island.

For his part, the Director of the Civil Military Operations Department presented a briefing on some of the naval violations the militia commits in the Red Sea, starting from the province of Hodeidah, which contains three ports, namely the port of Hodeidah, the port of Saleef and the port of Ras Issa, where the violations are represented by 432 ballistic missiles, and 25 cruise missiles , 865 drones, 248 naval mines, in addition to 100 boats, indicating that 13 booby-trapped boats exploded after colliding with them, while 7 boats exploded spontaneously.

He said that the coalition discovered 77 explosive-laden boats and destroyed them completely.