Al-Sa’adi receives UN envoy for Yemen

Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Abdullah al-Sa’adi received Monday UN Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg during his recent visit to here for participation in Security Council’s session on Yemen Tuesday.

Ambassador al-Sa’adi reconfirmed keenness of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government of Yemen on supporting efforts of the UN envoy despite Houthi militia’s stubbornness and its unseriousness in dealing positively with these efforts.

He confirmed full implementation of the UN Truce’s articles to realize its humanitarian objectives, including lifting the siege on Taiz fully, opening main roads, removing checkpoints and barricades to allow citizens and food goods cross easily.

He pointed out that they accepted prolonging the truce to reflect firm position of the Presidential Leadership Council of alleviating Yemeni people’s suffering, ending the conflict and not bargaining in humanitarian issues.

For his part, the UN envoy expressed his appreciation to support provided by the government of Yemen to his efforts and positive responses through concessions made by the government aiming at alleviating suffering of Yemeni people.

He confirmed commitment of continuing work for implementing all items of the truce, including opening roads in Taiz as key step for inclusive and just peace.