Presidential Council Member al-Alimi receives US ambassador

Member of the Presidential Council Abdullah al-Alimi received Thursday Ambassador of the United States to Yemen Stephen Fagin to discuss with him latest developments in Yemen and means of promoting mutual relations between the two countries and issues of common concern led by regional security and combating terrorism.

Al-Alimi reviewed efforts of the internationally recognized government led by Presidential Leadership Council for supporting efforts of the UN envoy and making the truce successful and constructive dealing with humanitarian issues.

He confirmed necessity of international swift action to commit Houthi militia to honor its commitments, lift the siege on Taiz, open the roads from and into the city and to protect freedom of Yemeni people to be able to move safely in all Yemen’s areas in accordance with the UN truce’s articles and the suggestion made by the UN envoy.

He warned that Houthi militia’s mobilization, regrouping and daily breaches to the truce threatens of the collapse of peace process, which the government is keen to make it successful.

He confirmed that reaching peace requires goodwill and serious work but these things have not been shown by Houthis.
Al-Alimi pointed out to challenges facing the Presidential Leadership Council in economic, service, security and military fields, including fighting terrorism and that the council is integrated and has clear workplan.

For his part, the US diplomat confirmed the very significance of opening closed roads leading to Taiz city in accordance with the UN truce agreement, pointing out to US continuous support to Yemen’s internationally-recognized government to help it perform its responsibilities.

He praised positive position of the Presidential Leadership Council and the government in tightening the humanitarian truce and supporting all efforts for realizing peace in Yemen.