Finance Minister and French Ambassador sign a debt deferral agreement

Aden – Saba
Finance Minister Salem bin Breik signed in the temporary capital Aden today with the French Ambassador to Yemen Jean-Marie Safa, a debt deferral agreement between the two friendly countries.

Minister Ben Breik also discussed with Ambassador the strengthening of aspects of cooperation and joint coordination in various fields, the developments of the situation at the national level, especially the financial and economic aspects, and the contribution to alleviating the burdens of public finances in light of the current difficult conditions in the country and the technical support efforts for the Ministry of Finance and its affiliated bodies and interests.

The two sides discussed the developments of the crisis in Yemen and the challenges left by the war, which cast negative shadows on the humanitarian, living and service aspects of citizens, and the local, regional, international and international efforts to achieve comprehensive and lasting peace and move towards rebuilding state institutions and achieving development.