Government welcomes UN Envoy’s announcement of extending truce

The Government of the Republic of Yemen has welcomed announcement by the UN Envoy for Yemen of extending the UN Truce for additional two months in accordance with the former articles until the second of October 2022 after consultation with the government, which agreed on the extension.

The government reminds that the prime objective of the truce is stopping Yemeni bloodshed over Houthi militia’s triggered war, easing freedom of movement of civilians and transporting of goods and humanitarian services across Yemen like what happened in opening Sana’a Airport and allowing fuel ships to Hodeida Port.

The government stressed significance of full implementation of the truce, stopping all Houthi militia’s violations and accomplishing what has not been accomplished during the past period and commencing immediately of ending the siege on Taiz and opening roads to Taiz city and roads to other provinces, as well as ensuring paying salaries from revenues of Hodeida Port to employees in Houthi militia held areas.

The government confirmed its full support to all UN efforts and its envoy for Yemen for realizing inclusive and permanent peace in accordance with the three agreed upon references led by Security Resolution 2216.