UN-brokered truce has proved one-sided, says Mujalli

Member of the Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) Othman Mujalli described the UN-sponsored truce which started last April as one-sided, blaming Iran-allied Houthi militias for failing to fulfill its obligations under the truce agreement.

He said ” The UN-brokered truce, in the way it has been run presently, does not serve the Yemeni peoples’ interest, nor it provides the Yemeni peoples the significant benefits which the International Community (IC) has argued it will produce”.

Mujjali voiced his remarks as he met today with the British Ambassador to the Republic of Yemen Richard Oppenheim to explore the peace prospects and the approaches that can get Yemen out of war, achieve the desirable peace that the Yemeni people are desperately looking for.

Mujalli also held Iran-backed Houthi militia accountable for blocking the movement of the ships laden with oil derivatives after packing large quantities as strategic reservoirs in preparation to foil the truce, launch the war once again on the Yemeni people”.

The British Ambassador stated that his country is keen to extend the truce, finish the oil derivatives crisis, take the advantages of the ongoing international efforts to end the war, move toward a peace stage that is in the interest of the region, stop external interference in the Yemeni internal affairs.