The Government: Houthi terror attack on Qena port reflects aggressiveness of the militias

Aden – Saba
The government has warned of the repercussions of the Houthi terrorist attacks on the deterioration of the humanitarian situation and the economic situation of the Yemeni citizen blaming the consequences on the Houthi terrorist militias.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs stated, in a statement that the Houthi militia has committed another terrorist attack by drones targeting Qena commercial port in Shabwa governorate, in a continuation of its terrorist operations and targeting civilian facilities.

The statement stressed that the terrorist attack reflects the aggressiveness of these terrorist militias, as they clearly violate all international calls to stop the escalation and stop targeting the infrastructure and economic capabilities of the Yemeni people, which these terrorist militias commit to serve the agenda of the rogue Iranian regime and to destabilize international peace and security.

The Yemeni government called on all countries to take strict measures to classify the rogue Houthi militias as a terrorist organization to prevent the recurrence of these attacks and dry up their funding sources in a manner that preserves the stability and security of the region and the world.