Justice Minister, UN’s team explore cooperation about controlling organized-crime

Minister of Justice Judge Badr al-Aredha held discussions today, Wednesday, here in Aden with a delegation from the UN Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC).

The consultative session aimed to promote collaboration between the Yemeni government and UNODC about fighting terrorism and controlling drugs and organized crime.

The discussions concentrated on the necessary legislative measures to establish a Yemeni legal framework to prepare a bill of Law for fighting terrorism in line with the rules of law and human rights standards in a way ensures that Yemen observes its obligations under the international conventions in relevance.

The Minister underscored the importance of collaboration between the Ministry and the UNODC in order to develop the national laws, enact the needed laws about controlling terrorism, drugs, organized crimes and cyber- crimes at national, regional and international levels.

The UNODC’s team leader Fernanda Lombardy affirmed that the Office will provide technical and logistical support to help drafting and enacting the required laws in these domains.