General al-Zubaidi receives Egyptian Ambassador to Yemen

Member of the Presidential Leadership Council General Aidrus al-Zubaidi has praised brotherly relations between Yemen and Egypt and Egyptian central role in supporting efforts of realizing peace in Yemen.

Receiving Egyptian Ambassador to Yemen Ahmad Farooq on Thursday here, al-Zubaidi expressed congratulations to Egyptian leadership for its success on hosting Climate Conference held in Sharm al-Sheikh, confirming that this success reflects Egyptian prestige on regional and international levels.

The meeting touched upon cooperations aspects in military fields, and al-Zubaidi expressed confidence on Egyptian Marine Forces to lead international forces for protecting Baba al-Mandab and the Gulf of Aden and securing regional and international waters and international maritime lines.

Latest political, security and economic developments in Yemen and regional and international efforts for realizing peace in the country were also discussed. Al-Zubaidi expressed hope that those efforts will lead to realizing peace in Yemen through inclusive political process includes all issues.

For his part, the Egyptian diplomat renewed his country’s firms position for supporting legitimacy in Yemen represented by the Presidential Leadership Council and supporting intentional and regional efforts to end the war and realize peace.