FM meets US Ambassador

Riyadh – Saba

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak met today with the US Ambassador to Yemen, Steven Fagin, and they discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two friendly countries, and reviewed developments in the situation and the results of the efforts made to establish peace in Yemen.

Bin Mubarak affirmed the Yemeni government’s commitment to seeking to establish a comprehensive and just peace, in a manner that guarantees an end to the suffering and the human catastrophe caused by the war waged by the terrorist Houthi militia.

He stressed that the only obstacle to establishing peace in Yemen is the intransigence of these militias and their evasion of the obligations it requires for a comprehensive and just peace, pointing out that the association of these terrorist militias with the Iranian regime not only threatens stability in Yemen, but also represents a threat that extends to all countries in the region and to international peace and security.

Bin Mubarak also touched on the importance of supporting the Yemeni government and strengthening bilateral cooperation programs between Yemen and the United States, especially in the economic, development and security fields, in a way that contributes to enabling the government to face the challenges caused by the ongoing Houthi escalation and aggression.

He stressed that the government’s support will reflect positively on Improving and expanding the services provided to citizens, which will contribute to alleviating the humanitarian and livelihood impacts they face.

For his part, Ambassador Fagin reviewed the various areas of support provided by the US government to our country, stressing that the embassy attaches special importance to supporting humanitarian work, as well as supporting the Yemeni government in its efforts to achieve economic stability.

He reiterated his country’s position in support of the Presidential Leadership Council and the security, unity and stability of Yemen.