Al-Wahishi discusses with Russian Deputy FM the ban of weapons transfer to Houthis

Moscow – Saba

The Yemeni Ambassador to Moscow, Dr. Ahmed Al-Wahishi, discussed with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov the UN Security Council resolution dated February 15, 2023, which extends the imposition of a comprehensive ban on the supply of weapons to the terrorist Houthi militia due to the militia’s threat to the security and stability of Yemen and international navigation in the Red Sea.

Al-Wahishi stated the government’s position toward the efforts to establish peace in Yemen and the importance of focusing on resolving the roots and causes of the conflict, foremost of which is ending the coup based on the claim of the divine right to rule and addressing its disastrous effects politically, economically, socially and humanly based on the three references: the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism and the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue and the resolution Security Council 2216. For his part, Bagdanov affirmed Russia’s endeavor to consolidate its relations with Yemen and to alleviate the human suffering and his country’s support for the efforts of the United Nations to establish peace in Yemen.