Othman Mujalli extols Emirati support for Yemen

Member of Presidential Leadership Council Othman Mujalli heaped praise on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for its generous support for Yemen in the political, military and services spheres within the Saudi-led Coalition in support of legality in Yemen.

As he received today, Thursday, Ambassador of the UAE to the Republic of Yemen Mohammed Azuabi, he highly valued the Emirati supportive position in support of the Yemeni peoples in the battle against Iran-sponsored Houthi militias’ coup, deeply appreciating its significant contribution to the development drive in the government-held governorates.

He stated that the UAE is a strategic partner in fighting terrorism and the development process in Yemen, starting earlier with constructing Marib Dam and nowadays building Hassan Dam in Abay governorate with total cost $ 78 million funded by Abu Dhabi Fund.

He also cited the Emirati funded Solar Energy Plant with total capacity upto 120MGW to be established in Aden.

The Emirati Ambassador stated that the President of the UAE His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed is keen to support the Presidential Leadership Council, the government and Yemeni peoples to restore the State’s institutions.