FM meets with the CEO of the International Crisis Group

New York – Saba
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak, met with the president and CEO of the International Crisis Group, Dr. Comfort Ero.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed developments on the Yemeni scene in light of regional developments and regional and international efforts aimed at ending the war and reaching a comprehensive political settlement.

Minister bin Mubarak presented the group with an overview of the humanitarian situation and the consequences of the Houthi economic war on the humanitarian situation in Yemen and its repercussions on the prospects for a political settlement.

He pointed out that the government has borne the cost of the peace process alone, not since the announcement of the previous truce in April 2022, but also since the Stockholm Agreement in December 2018, stressing that peace needs a realistic approach that addresses the roots of the problem and ensures the building of a lasting and just peace that meets the aspirations of the Yemenis for decent living and equal citizenship away from violence, wars, claims of racial discrimination, the divine right to rule, and the attempt to reach power by force through armed militias.