FM: The international community is concerned with supporting low-income countries in the health sector

New York – Saba
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak, said, “The international community is concerned today with providing support and assistance to low-income countries where the health system faces many problems and challenges to confront the burden of disease resulting from infectious diseases, most notably tuberculosis.”

The Minister added during the high-level meeting on combating tuberculosis on the sidelines of the General Assembly’s seventy-eighth session in New York, “The Yemeni government, represented by the Ministry of Public Health and Population, has made great and persistent efforts in the field of combating tuberculosis to limit its spread, early detection, and treatment of infected cases.”

“As well as working to prevent it by providing vaccines to children at the early ages of their lives to raise the rate of coverage of the BCG vaccine, as well as raising community awareness of ways to prevent the disease and introducing methods of its transmission, with the aim of reaching the sustainable development goal of ending the tuberculosis epidemic.”