Yemen’s Shura Council condemns Israeli raids on Gaza Strip

Aden – Saba
The Presidency of the Shura Council, Yemen’s formal advisory body, condemned the aggressive actions of the Zionist enemy against the Gaza Strip, demanding an immediate halt to the air strikes on the Strip, which to date have caused the death of more than a thousand civilians and the wounding of more than 2,500, most of whom are children, women and elderly.

The Presidency of the Council emphasized its support for the Palestinian people in their just struggle to regain their usurped land and their right to an independent state with holy Al-Quds as its capital. It called on the international community to support the legitimate demands of the Palestinian people and not to remain silent over the criminal actions and practices of the Zionist entity.

The Presidency of the Shura Council called on the UN Security Council to protect Palestinian civilians and prevent Israel from continuing its crimes of murder, rape, and seizing Palestinian lands in violation of Security Council resolutions, international conventions, and international humanitarian law.

The Presidency of the Council also warned against any practice that would displace Palestinians from their land.
It also expressed its deep concern about the development of events in Gaza, which threaten to increase tension in the region and endanger its security, and that Israel’s criminal tendency towards violence expresses a racist tendency of Israel.