Yemen’s embassy in Russia celebrates the 90th Anniversary of establishing Yemeni-Russian relationship

The Republic of Yemen’s embassy in Russia organized Thursday an oratory ceremony to mark the 90th Anniversary of establishing the Yemeni-Russian friendship relation. The function held in the Diplomatic Academy associated to Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov gave a word on the occasion in which he reiterated his country’s continuous efforts to support the legitimate Yemeni authority, put an end of the war and achieve peace in Yemen that is based on the three terms of reference which are well known nationally, regionally and internationally.

Yemen’s Ambassador Dr Ahmed Al-Wohaishi said the Yemeni-Russian friendship relation is deeply rooted as it had been established on mutual respect, non-intervention in internal affairs, respecting national sovereignty and in accordance with International Law principles governing international relations.

A number of ambassadors and Arab diplomatic corps members attended the event.

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