Coalition: Houthis continue laying landmines in Hodeida

The Spokesperson of the Saudi-led Coalition Forces Colonel Turki al-Maliki has confirmed that Houthi rebel militia continues violations inside Yemen and neglects International Humanitarian Law as they have laid landmines at al-Ashrafia School and in other areas sporadically.

They also use bags of the World Food Program for piling TNT explosives to disperse attention, added al-Maliki in a press conference held on Monday in Riyadh.

He made it clear that the militia laid landmines at the Red Sea Mills, bombed a mosque in Hodeida city and using civilians as human shields, adding that the Coalition and the National Army’s teams demined more than 200 mines in Hajja Province.

He praised efforts of the coalition and King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Activities for supporting Yemeni people, especially rehabilitating soldier children recruited by Houthi terrorist militia.

He pointed out the military operations in Hodeida have had different dimensions (transitionally halted) for many reasons including avoiding harm to civilians, existence of humanitarian organizations for operation after Houthi militia hindered the life fully in Hodeida and influx of trade materials from the Port of Hodeida.

He pointed out that Houthi militia seems to be defeated over the military operations.

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