Zayani: GCC provided $18 bln assistance to Yemen over three years

The Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation CouncilAbdullatifAl Zayani said that the GCC countries have provided a total of 18 billion US dollars to Yemen over the past three years.

Speaking at an annual Conference on Effective Partnership and Information Sharing for Better Humanitarian Action held in Kuwait on Tuesday,he affirmed the Arab Coalition’s commitmentto supporting the Yemeni government and extending a helping hand the Yemeni people who are suffering due to the Houthitriggered conflict. He said that the coupist militia is continuing to confiscate the humanitarian aid that should go to the Yemeni people and using it sustain their war effort. 

He hailed the $500 million extra humanitarian aid announced by Saudi Arabia and the UAE for Yemen a few days ago. 
The amount is estimated to provide direly needed food to 12 million Yemenis. 

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