Al-Sa’adi reaffirms government’s peace approach

Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Abdullah al-Sa’adi has reaffirmed welcome of the Government of Yemen to the call made by Secretary General of the United Nations for global ceasefire to enable peace efforts and combating Covid-19 pandemic.

In his comments during the meeting held in the Headquarter of the United Nations here under the motto of ” Global Ceasefire after Covid-19 Pandemic,” he pointed out that the Government of Yemen has responded to the Secretary General’s call for ceasefire from one party to facilitate efforts of combating covid-19 pandemic.

In return, said al-Sa’adi, Houthi militia have escalated its war against Yemeni people and waged malicious attack on Marib, which hosts more than four million people, two million of them are civilians living in displacement camps.

” The government of Yemen is committed to realizing peace and alleviate humanitarian suffering of Yemenis and accepted the truce announced by the UN Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General for Yemen despite Houthi militia’s continuous violations to the truce,” he said.

He stressed significance of full implementation of the truce, including lifting siege on Taiz and opening main roads to alleviate suffering of more than four million civilians in Taiz and ease movements of food goods and assistances to this city.

Al-Sa’adi renewed government’s call to international community to exert more pressure on Houthi militia to lift its siege on Taiz and open main roads immediately without any condition and to respond to the Secretary General’s call for ceasefire.