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Amnesty International: Houthi militia breaches Humanitarian Law, uses hospital in Hodeidah for military purposes

LONDON ـ SABAAmnesty International accused Houthi putschist militia of using the 22 May Hospital in Hodeidah city for military purposes. In a statement the Amnesty issued Thursday, it stated that Iran-backed Houthi rebels deployed snipers on the roof of the hospital located in May 22 quarter, eastern the seaport city …

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Government welcomes underway efforts to establish peace, supports the UN envoy’s good offices

ADEN-SABAYemeni Government has welcomed all underway efforts to make peace. In a press release the government said” Statements issued by some countries over recent few days which urge pushing efforts to reach political solution in accordance with the three terms of reference agreed on, are in conformity to the desire …

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