statement of the ROYG on Aden airport attack

Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the cowardly terrorist incident that targeted the Government of political competencies at Aden International Airport today noon, December 30, 2020

In a cowardly terrorist act, the Houthi terrorist militia, this afternoon, December 30, 2020, targeted the government of political competencies while it was arriving at Aden International Airport, causing many casualties, whose number so far has reached nearly a hundred dead and wounded civilians, travelers, journalists and government officials who came to welcome the government.


The Ministry reminds the international community that the terrorist attack that targeted the mass killing of the whole government of political competencies formed according to the Riyadh Agreement, which was supported and welcomed by the international community and all partners, lovers and supporters of peace as a step towards achieving a comprehensive peace in Yemen, not only threatens the lives and security of members of the government, but it threatens the hopes and aspirations of the Yemeni people to achieve security and stability.


The Ministry also emphasizes that Aden International Airport is a civilian airport used by all citizens of the Republic of Yemen, and that targeting it is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and a heinous terrorist crime that requires condemnation from all members of the international community to convey a clear message to the Houthis that violence and targeting civilian objects and innocent people cannot reflect a serious and real desire to reach peace.


The Ministry affirms that the evidence and indications indicate that the Houthi militia is the party that carried out this terrorist act by targeting the airport with three missiles and techniques that are similar to the techniques that these militias used in previous crimes that targeted civil and government institutions and facilities.


While the Ministry affirms that the Yemeni government cohesion and determination , as the Prime Minister stated , will only be increased by these events towards achieving peace, ending the coup, restoring the state and enhancing the pillars of stability, it looks forward to all members of the international community to play a strong and clear role towards this escalation carried out by these Houthi militias which threatens to sabotage the achievements made through implementing the Riyadh Agreement and which will lead to dire consequences for the peace and stability process in Yemen.

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