Yemeni Govt. warns that Safer oil tanker liable to sink at any moment


The Yemeni Government has warned that Safer oil tanker moored in the Red Sea, Ras Issa, loaded with over 140 million barrels crude oil is liable to sink at any moment after a hole reported to have occurred in one pipe, caused water leakage into the engines unit.

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami warned of the dangerous environmental consequences in a letter he sent Monday to the Chief of the UN Antonio Guterres.

In the letter al-Hadrami mentioned that the government has warned for more than two years of a catastrophic environmental disaster and it appealed to the UN to intervene to prevent a looming catastrophe Houthi militia has allowed the UN’s team to inspect the tanker and make necessary maintenance.

The Minister stated that the tanker now is in an extremely dangerous state more than ever before liable to sink at any moment.

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