FM, US Ambassador discuss developments in Yemen


Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami met on Sunday with the American Ambassador to the Republic of Yemen Christopher Hensel.

The session aimed to discuss the latest developments in the Yemeni national scene including underway efforts to handle the problem of Safer oil tanker and the UN-led peace efforts.

Al-Hadrami voiced appreciation to the US and the International Community, namely the five permanent member state of the International Security Council for responding to the Yemeni Government call to the hold a session by the International Security Council to address the problem of Safer Oil Tanker.

Al-Hadrami stated that the International Security Council’s session scheduled for next Wednesday should put an end of the Safer Oil Tanker problem by pressuring the Houthis to allow unloading the tanker and move it to appropriate place to get rid of.

He blamed Houthi militia for rejecting a proposal brought forward by the UN envoy last month suggested to allow the UN team access to the tanker , do necessary maintenance and unload the oil, selling it and using the revenues to pay salaries.

The American Ambassador stated that his country is keen to help handling Safer Oil Tanker problem, stressing that it is important to make peace in Yemen through supporting the UN Special Envoy’s effort to do so.

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