Yemen government holds Houthi responsible for failed peace

Yemen’s government has held the Houthis accountable for the failed peace in the country as the radical theocratic militia keeps on fighting an insane war to expand its territories of control.

Yemen’s permanent representative at the UN Abdullah al-Saadi renewed in the UN Security Council’s session of today that the Yemeni government’s support to the current peace initiative, the UN envoy Martin Griffiths’ efforts in this regard, the US efforts through Timothy Lenderking, the latest Saudi peace proposal, and the role of the Sultanate of Oman to broker a comprehensive ceasefire as a most important step to address the humanitarian and economic issues.

Al-Saadi said the government has offered concessions after concessions out of its interest in ending the bloodshed and the constant humanitarian suffering to reach a lasting sustainable peace based on the three agreed upon terms of reference including the resolution no. 2216 .”

He said the militia met these governmental efforts with more escalation and savage war on Marib, which has become the biggest concentration camp for IDPs, shelling the IDPs camps and the city’s neighborhoods there with ballistic missiles, drones and all heavy weaponry in the militia’s possession.

Al-Saadi cited one of the the militia’s latest gruesome attack on an oil station in the city, which attack burned the bodies of 21 civilians including a five year old girl.

Al-Saadi said this attack ought not to make us forget the Houthi militia’s savage attack on other Yemeni cities such as Taiz and Hodeidah, both of which are covered by the Stockholm Agreement.

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