Rasd Alliance: Houthi militia recruited more than 12 thousand children

The Yemeni Alliance for Monitoring Human Rights Violations or (Rasd Alliance) has confirmed that Iran-backed Houthi militia has recruited 12054 children in a number of provinces from May 2014 till May 2021.

The Executive Director of Rasd Alliance Mutahar al-Buthaigi told Saba in a statement on Saturday that Houthi militia recruited 12054 children among them 308 children aged between 8 -11 years, 4430 aged between 12-14 years and 7305 aged between 15-17 years.

He pointed out that Amran was the greatest province in terms of numbers of recruited children with a number of 1935 followed by Dhamar with a number of 1861, Sana’a Province with 1861, Taiz with 1248, Sa’ada with 1116, Capital Sana’a with 1031 and Hajjah with 803 children recruited as soldiers.

Al-Buthaigi said that the field team monitored 6729 recruited children are still fighting with Houthi militia, 2450 have been killed in the military operations, 498 injured and 790 children have been arrested.

Meanwhile, 1004 children returned to their families and 572 children are still missing until now, said al-Buthaigi, who called upon the militia to immediately stop recruiting children as soldiers and making them away of wars’ disasters.

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