Yemen’s govt. reiterates keenness to resume political process to stop the conflict, eliminate Houthi militia’s coup

The Yemeni government restated that it is very keen to put an end of the conflict in Yemen triggered by Iran-allied Houthi militia’s coup d’état, resulted in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, displaced millions of the Yemeni people.

Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Abdullah Assa’di made it clear that the government is ready to support the UN’s Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundgerg in order to revive the political process to reach a comprehensive political settlement that can eliminate the Houthi militia’s coup and its subsequent war.

Speaking at the International Security Council open session held today about the status quo in the Middle East (Yemen) Assa’adi said” The government declared its constructive response to every peace proposal and effort aimed to stop the absurd war, maintain Yemen’s unity and stability, put an end of the Yemeni peoples’ suffering. To this end the government offered significant concessions in the hope of stop bloodshed, reach a comprehensive political solution based on the three terms of reference including the GCC’s Initiative, its executive plan, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the UNSCRs in relevant, namely 2216″.

He re-welcomed the appointment of Mr. Hans Grundberg as the UN’s Envoy to Yemen saying” Our Yemeni people is no longer able to afford more humanitarian suffering and burdens due to Houthi militia’s insistence on fighting, rejecting all regional and international proposals and good offices aimed to establish the comprehensive and sustainable war”.

Assa’di called on the International Community and the UN International Security Council to press for peace in Yemen through mounting pressures on the Houthi militia to stop warfare and come to a negotiated peace settlement.

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