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Yemen reports to UNSC about Houthi ongoing attacks against civilians in Marib, Taiz

Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Abdullah Assa’di delivered a message to the UN International Security Council (UNSC) today about Houthi militia’s continuing military operations and intentional attacks on the civilians in Marib and Taiz governorates.

The letter reads” Houthi militia has continued to deliberately and brutally attacks on civilians, civil and religious facilities in Marib, most recent of all the two ballistic missiles attacks on the heavily populated region of al-Gobah southern Marib. The militiamen fired two ballistic missile against a mosque and educational center on October 31,2021, killed at least 39 civilians, in a blatant violation of the International Law and Humanitarian Law.”

Assa’di cited Houthi militia’s ballistic missiles attacks against the House of Abdullatif al-Qebli on October 28,2021 in Marib, killing 12 civilians of his family including women, children.

He noted that over 54502 civilians have been forcefully displaced from their own origin regions since September 2021 due to Houthis recurrent and constant military operations on the regions of al-Gobah, Hareeb, al-Abdiah and Rahbah.

Assa’di touched upon Houthi blockade imposed upon the city of Taiz for more than 6 successive year where the population have been subjected to Houthi militiamen atrocities, citing the artillery bombardment on October 30,2021 against the Camp quarter, resulted in killing 3 children from one famly, hurting 3 more.

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