Report: 788 civilians killed,1528 injured by Houthis militias’ attacks on residential areas in Marib

Iran-allied Houthi militias’ indiscriminative shelling on residential zones and civil targets in Marib governorate killed 788 civilians and hurt 1528 more during the period October 2014 through February 30, 2022.

A report issued today here in Marib city by national human rights organization called ” Yemen Rights for Rights and Freedoms” reported as many as (2263) bombardments by missiles, artillery and drones.

Houthi militiamen fired (367) ballistic missiles, (627) Katyusha, (238) laden-explosives drones, (653) mortars’ rounds and (388) different projectiles against civil targets, according to the report.

The report cited 96 educational buildings and 78 health facilities and 89 government’s premises targeted by Houthi militias’ discriminative attacks.