Right symposium: Houthi militia arrested more than 1700 women in five years

Right symposium has been held on the sidelines of the 51st Round of Human Rights Council is being held here today Tuesday reviewed Houthi militia’s violations against women in Yemen.

The symposium, which was organized by the Humanitarian Association for Rights and Women Alliance for Peace in Yemen, showed that Houthi militia arrested illegally 1781 Yemeni women during the period December 2017 until September 2022.

Entitled ” Violations and Crimes Against Women in Yemen,” the symposium touched upon what women face inside Iran-backed Houthi militia’s prisons and using them as a paper for pressure against all the militia opponents, noting to recent arrest of 74 women from Hajjah and imprisoning them in the Central Prison of Nussairiah.

According to the symposium, the militia issued death verdicts against six women including underage girl.

The symposium stressed necessity of focusing on Houthi militia’s crimes against women under the militia’s continuous arrest against women, kidnapping them, torture them and rape them in the areas under their control.