Government: Continuous Houthi terrorist attacks threaten international energy supply

The Government of Yemen has said continuous Houthi militia’s terrorist attacks on civil establishments and national economic institutions represent dangerous escalation could complicate humanitarian situation and threaten energy supply and safety of international maritime navigation and trade.

In a release to the government, it confirmed that these repeated criminal aggressions against civil establishments represent stark violation to all international laws and norms and blatant negligence of disastrous humanitarian, environmental and economic repercussions.

The release confirmed that Houthi terrorist militia has carried out its new attack by Iranian drones targeting Dhabbah Oil Port in Hadramawt while a ship anchored in the port neglecting dangerous and impacts of coward criminal aggressions.

The release reminds government’s efforts for alleviating suffering of Yemeni people and meeting the minimum level of services despite abilities’ scarcity and difficult economic conditions over Houthi terrorist militia’s triggered war.

The government renewed its call to the international community to transform from denouncing these terrorist attacks, which threaten security and stability of Yemen and the region, into collective work to deter the militia and facing it by labeling it a terrorist group.