Houthi militia targets Dhabbah Port by bombed-drone

The Ministry of Oil and Minerals has said Houthi terrorist militia has carried out terrorist and sabotage operation on Dhabbah Oil Port in Hadramawt by bombed-drone during existence of a trade ship in the port.

In a release for oil ministry, it denounced this terrorist act, confirming that such terrorist operations will not stop it to continue the work of alleviating suffering of Yemeni people and its work with international bodies to face Houthi militia’s terrorist threats and Iran’s drones in attempt to target the port to double its war on Yemeni people.

The ministry warned of reflections of these terrorist acts on economic and humanitarian situations, as the government face outlaw group does not believe in maritime safety and humanitarian and international accords.

The ministry pointed out that these irresponsible acts aim at dispersing the government and its responsibilities towards Yemeni people and working on enhancing peace and attracting companies to resume oil production.

In addition, these acts make investment environment unsafe leaving negative results on shoulders of all Yemeni people, added the release.

It confirmed that harming the ministry and its establishments, which are owned by the people, is a criminal act leaves huge damages on the people and harms security and stability of Yemen.