WFP: Houthi militia transfers 600 tons monthly to not deserving people

The World Food Program has accused Houthi rebel militia of transferring relief materials to not deserving Yemeni people.

“The monetary process of the Program revealed seven distribution centers managed by local organization helping the program has links with Houthis have transferred about 1200 metric tons, 600 tons, of food in August and September went to not deserving people,” said WFP’s Spokesperson.

He added that this local organization participated in aggression on the food of the needy people, demanding investigation with the involved people and firing them from their jobs.

He pointed out that WFP’s teams have monitored for three months selling food materials in big quantities in Yemeni markets and the organization had suspensions that the relief have been sold by the partner organization, noting that the process of monitoring markets revealed also a number of people who suffer grinding poverty sell a portion of their food for meeting other needs like education, medication and paying house-rent.

He confirmed that the government allowed the program to us biometric registration to beneficiaries for guaranteeing access of the deserving people to relief food and called Houthis to take the same measures and take necessary measures against perpetrators.

The WFP’s spokesperson confirmed that the program will not provide cash aid to beneficiaries before applying biometric system.

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