Yemeni-Chinese cooperation discussed

Under-Secretary of Foreign Ministry Dr. Mansour Baggash met Sunday with the Ambassador of the Peoples’ Republic of China to the Republic of Yemen Kang Young.

Yemeni-Chinese bilateral cooperation and coordination about issues of common interest were key focus of the discussions.

Dr. Baggash cited the latest developments about the situations in the Yemeni national scene including the calls for cease-fire and focusing on countering coronavirus (Covid-19) and the subsequent implications of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) of what it termed as self-administration.

He stated that the STC’s declaration is a blatant rebellion against the state and clear renouncement of Riyadh Agreement.

Baggash praised the Chinese supportive stance in support of Yemen, its unity, security and stability. He deeply appreciated the Chinese Government’s support to our country in different fields, mainly the significant support for health sector to stem the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The Chinese Ambassador reiterated his country’s support for Yemen, its unity, independence and for the legitimate government and re-establishing security, stability and focusing efforts on controlling the virus pandemic.

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